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An Electropalatograph ( EPG for short or also termed palatometer in the US) is an instrument that records the timing and location of tongue contact with the hard palate during speech.

The technique requires the speaker to wear an artificial palate that is moulded to fit the roof of the mouth. Tongue-palate contact is recorded by a number of silver or gold contacts located on the lingual surface of this artificial palate (also termed pseudopalate).

EPG can be used as an aid to help a speech and language therapist diagnose disordered speech  and provide visual cues during therapy.

EPG is also used by phoneticians as a tool for studying typical (or indeed disordered) speech in a research setting

I am interested in finding out about EPG in clinical practice

I am interested in EPG for phonetic research

The PTU is a battery powered portable electropalatography unit which provides visual feedback without the need for a computer. It is ideal for speech therapy clients to use at home.

Lisa_PTU_smoothedSystem Features

Safety. Optical isolation between client and battery power source.

Low running costs. Designed to have low power consumption. Around 100 hours continuous use from one set of batteries. Automatic shutdown after 20minutes with no use, to conserve batteries if unit accidentally left on.

Compatibility. Uses the same multiplexer and palate as EPG3

Portability. The system comes in its own carry case, making it easy to store and transport between clinic and home.

PTU  Description

The Portable Training Unit (PTU) includes the following supplied components:

  • Multiplexer with chrome handgrip
  • PTU display unit
  • Carry case

WinEPG comprises of the following units:

EPG3 scanner unit
Serial Port Interface (SPI)
Medical Isolation Transformer (MIT)
You also need (not supplied):
EPG palates

WinEPG records EPG at 100Hz (see multichannel for higher EPG frame rate).

  • Runs on XP, Windows 7 32-bit
  • Records several minutes of speech depending on the acoustic sample rate and the amount of RAM available on the PC
  • Data labelling, annotation and query facility supports phonetic research
  • Modular configuration allows screens to be arranged the way you want
  • Client-based software manages the creation and storage of data files. Files are named and saved automatically.
  • Library of typical palate patterns
  • Comparative feedback screen for encouraging paediatric clients
  • Colours can be changed easily.
  • EPG indices such as CoG, alveolar total as well as customizable indices.
  • Database search allows indices for specified annotations to be exported.
  • Many additional features.
EPG Palate enhanced 10dpi

Reading Palate

Articulate palate4

Articulate Palate

EPG palates are currently manufactured by two independent palatemakers in the UK.  It is also possible to train dental technicians in other countries to make them. See page on palate design. There are two compatible styles of EPG palate. The contact layout of these EPG palates is standardised to anatomical landmarks so that patterns from different speakers are, to a degree, comparable. Palate preparation information (pdf)

A multichannel extension to WinEPG which allows other instrumentation to be synchronised with audio and EPG such as airflow, EMA, VICON or ultrasound.

It consists of:

  • An 8 channel AtoD PCI format card.
  • A breakout box which provides a choice of  6.35mm jack, BNC and  XLR sockets for each of 6 channels and BNC sockets only for the remaining 2 channels. There is also  a dedicated EPG synchronisation signal input.
  • A copy of AAA software to replace the Articulate Assistant software for recording and analysing the multichannel data.

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Articulate Assistant is an EPG application for Recording, Client assessment, Analysis and Visual feedback

AA-sq-btnArticulate Assistant (download V120) 5Mb
Released 03.07.2018

New: Sync option added to specify the audio channel with sync signal. New: EPG frame rate can be adjusted in steps of 100,000th of a second. Set to 0 for 100Hz or set to 100,000 for 200Hz. Can be adjusted to compensate for soundcard inaccuracy if not recording at nominal rate.

AA-sq-btnArticulate Assistant  (download V118) 7.3Mb
Note: Fully functional. If you have a usb license key (dongle) for the application then you can record and review your own data. Otherwise you are restricted to demonstration data.   This is the software application that is provided with WinEPG. Check your version (using the Help| About menu in your copy of Articulate Assistant) and if it is older than the version above you can download and upgrade for free. Articulate assistant can also be used on it's own to analyse EPG data.